Gutter Gardens

IMG_8630[1]As you all know, the old gutters are coming off and new improved drainage gutters are going up. Instead of wasting the plastic gutters we’re giving everyone a chance to claim a gutter or two to create their own herb garden. There are lots of ideas on the web but here are the basics.

Grab a gutter, one should be enough. I have found that cutting the gutters at 1.4m is wide is enough to fit between the cement pillars of our back yard. This will give you four nice long gutters to work with, enough to fill one strip of wall.


Also, take some of the brackets they are otherwise going to throw away so that you can mount them onto the wall.

Just a note, please do this at the back of your yards and not out front as this will maintain the aesthetic of the front yards we hope to keep in tact.


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Ons groet ‘n staatmaker


Kom ’n mens by Millwood Mews se hek in is die eerste indruk een van netheid en goed versorgde grasperke. Jy weet dat so iets net bereik kan word deur iemand met ywer en toewyding – in hierdie geval Giel de Bruin, ons tuinier. Hy tree aan die einde van die jaar af en ek wou graag meer weet van dié bedagsame, vriendelike persoon wat ons elke dag sien.

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Late Gate Registrations

Dear Tenant,

The new gate system has now been switched from the old remote system to the new cellphone gate system. Emails, sms’s, printed reminders, website updates and owners have been notified over the last few months of the change.

If you find yourself locked out, please contact the owner of your premises who should have loaded you onto the system to allow you into the complex.

Please see James at 28 Millwood Mews on Saturday 2 November 2013, should you need to be added to the system manually.

Please call Marite Property Administrators from Monday to Friday to have your cellphone registered on the gate system if you have not already done so.

Roll out of new gate system

In our efforts to better our security in the village and as a means to keep everyone in regular contact, we will be rolling out a new gate system that works by calling a number from your cellphone which will then open the gate.

Over the coming weeks we will be approaching everyone and asking them to fill out forms which we will input into the system so that we know who comes and goes through our gates. Only registered cellphones will be allowed into the complex.

We will be running this in trial mode for a few months until we have ironed out all the problems, so your current remote will continue to work.

One of the trustees will be approaching you with a form to collect all your data as well as a copy of the rules that we distribute once a year. Please fill this form in and sign the sheet as confirmation that you have received the rules.


Urgent request to catch black and white cat!

Hello everyone,

There is a black and white cat out in Millwood Mews we suspect might have FIV which is danger to our own pets. Nobody has claimed this cat, so if everyone could please be on the lookout for this cat, we would appreciate it as we would like to keep our pets safe.

If you see this cat, please email us using the form below or contact either James or Jaco.

Pruning of trees and gutter cleaning.

With the rains almost behind us for winter, it is time again to trim the trees back and clean the gutters of leaves.

Please note, that the complex is responsible for the gutters at the front of the house and each owner is responsible for the back of each of their house’s gutters and this is a compulsory measure that needs to be taken. Without this in place, your property will endure water damage over time due to blockages in the gutters caused by fallen leaves in winter.

We will contact all owners as soon as the rains have died down and we can have the contractor come out to complete the work.

Met die winterreën wat amper verby is het dit tyd geword om die bome .in die kompleks te snoei en blare uit die geute te verwyder.

Neem asseblief kennis dat die kompleksbestuur slegs verantwoordelik is vir die geute aan die voorkant van die huise.  Eienaars is verantwoordelik vir die geute aan die agterkant van hul huise en dit is verpligtend. Sonder hierdie voorkomende sorg sal u eiendom oor ‘n periode definitief deur water beskadig word as gevolg van blokkasies in die geute wat veroorsaak word deur die blare in die winter.

Sodra die reën heeltemal verby is sal daar met die eienaars in verbinding getree word en kan die kontrakteur uitkom om sy deel van die werk te doen en af te handel.



Bring and Braai Day at Millwood Mews

The weather played along, the people came out and it was an all-round lovely day filled with people in our village and making new friends along the way.

Jaco was kind enough to take some photos, so here’s some memories.

Our hope is that we can continue to build on days like these where we build a sense of community for the people living in Millwood Mews.

We may have another event closer to Christmas and will let everyone know closer to the time.

Annual Braai day event at Millwood Mews

Millwood Mews would like to invite all of its villagers to come out and join us  on National Braai day. With spring almost upon us, Braai Day is around the corner and the last one we had proved to be a great way to meet and greet the people we usually only see in passing at our front gate. Join us for this event:

Date: Monday, 24 September, 2012
Time: 15h00 – 18h00
Place: Parking lot closest to the Waterwheel (28 Millwood Mews parking bay area)

Met die lente om die draai is Nasionale Braaidag een van die dae hier en ons beplan nou al daarvoor. Die vorige een het gewys dat dit ‘n lekker manier is om kennis te maak en ander inwoners te groet wat ons altyd net so in die verbygaan by die voorhek sien. Sluit asseblief by ons aan en geniet die dag saam met ons.

Datum: Maandag, 24 Septrember 2012
Tyd: 15h00 – 18h00
Plek: Parkeer area naaste aan die waterwiel (Millwood Mews 28 parkeer area)