Trees we can plant close to buildings

The following list of trees comes from

The soil conditions in a particular area play a VERY vital part when it comes to the development of the trees root system. If your property has very heavy clay soil, the roots of any tree species will tend to be superficial and in some cases may even cause damage.
The following list of tree species is a guideline of species known to have non- invasive root systems
Citrus varieties

Saving electricity and saving the planet

Season’s greetings and a happy new year!

As you may have noticed, Millwood Mews would like to alleviate the pressure off Eskom’s grid as well as light up our village for better security. That said, the Trustees have invested in new solar lights just outside everyone’s front door which charges by day, should switch on automagically when it gets darker and run for about 8 hours through the night. We hope that you enjoy the new lights and the savings in electricity they have to offer.



Want to know when a house is for sale or rent? Or if someone is selling something?

Newsletter Options at Millwood MewsWe’ve implemented two new features on our website. Property for sale and stuff for sale. So if you’re interested in properties for sale or rent in Millwood Mews, select  the tick box in the newsletter and we’ll mail you if something becomes available. Or, if someone is selling an item in Millwood Mews, you’ll be the first to know about it.

At the bottom of the next email newsletter you receive, there will be a link where you can edit your subscription to certain lists. Select this link then choose to be added to Property sales or rentals, Stuff for sale or General News from Millwood Mews.

Refuse Room Information/Vulliskamer Reëls

Recycling in Millwood MewsThere are certain rules in place for the above room that we want to share with our tenants. The City of Cape Town supplies every household with two clear plastic bags every week. They are to be used for recycling and a good idea is to use one for cardboard and paper and the other one for tins and bottles. These bags are to be put in the black containers marked for recycling and the black bags with everyday refuse go into the rest of the bins. If these are full kindly put your bags on top and not on the floor. The garbage is picked up on Tuesdays when recycling bags are delivered again. Thank you for your co-operation! Continue reading Refuse Room Information/Vulliskamer Reëls

Millwood Mews Trustees/Millwood Mews Trustees

Jaco De BruynSoos belowe gaan ek met tyd die Trustees bekendstel. Ons begin hierdie keer by ons Voorsitter, Jaco de Bruyn. Hy woon in eenheid 13 en is sover moontlik beskikbaar vir navrae, hulp of raad rakende die kompleks. Hy werk in die rekenaarwese, maar probeer nogtans tyd inruim vir sy ander belangstellings. Dit lyk of hy ’n man van vele talente is as  mens na die lysie kyk: hy skilder graag met olieverf, maak van sy tuin ‘n lushof, bou skaalmodelle van motorfietse en motors en reis ook wanneer die geleentheid daar is. Die twee grootste liefdes in sy lewe is sy vrou, Laetitia, en sy Suzuki Boulevard motorfiets, waarmee hy en sy baie maklik die langpad vat. Ons hoop die res van die jaar gaan rustig wees en hom toelaat om by alles uit te kom! Continue reading Millwood Mews Trustees/Millwood Mews Trustees